Melinda Silva, MD Anti-Aging & Wellness

Melinda Silva, MD Anti-Aging & Wellness
Melinda Silva, M.D. is a San Diego anti-aging & wellness medical spa located in San Diego.
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(858) 240-7097
2204 Garnet Ave Suite 302, San Diego, CA, 92109
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Discover innovative aging management at Melinda Silva, MD Anti-Aging & Wellness located amidst the vibrant community of San Diego, CA. A holistic approach guides our practice as we offer revolutionary services like Coolsculpting San Diego for body sculpting excellence. Clients can bask in the luxury of personalized care through our state-of-the-art Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and indulge in refreshment for their skin with signature customized peels and facials specially designed by Dr. Silva herself. We’re committed to elevating your wellness experience by blending medical acumen with attentive consultation, ensuring each visit enhances not only your appearance but also your inner vitality and confidence. Join us on a transformative path where timeless beauty meets modern techniques for a healthier, radiant you.

Services: Bioidentical Hormones; Botox & Fillers; Coolsculpting; Weight Management Consulting; Body Contouring; Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy; Customized Peels and Facials; DNA Services; PTSD, Fatigue & Mental Wellness
Company Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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