Reiff Diesel Services

Reiff Diesel Services
Navigating the vast highways around Chambersburg, truck drivers and fleet owners can take comfort in knowing that Reiff Diesel Services is just around the bend, offering premier truck repair services tailored to meet their needs.
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17845 Cumberland Hwy, Newburg, PA, 17240
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f you're in the Chambersburg area and need quality truck repair services, Reiff Diesel Services is your go-to destination. We specialize in Diesel Truck Repair & Maintenance, providing dependable service to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Our skilled technicians bring extensive experience in Diesel Engine Repair & Replacement, ensuring that even the most complex issues are resolved with precision. At Reiff Diesel Services, we also excel in maintaining Sprinter Vans, offering precise diagnostics and top-tier maintenance solutions. Understanding the importance of a well-functioning transmission, our team handles Diesel Transmission & Drivetrain jobs with expertise and care. By employing advanced diagnostic tools, we can identify and address any issues that may impede your truck's performance, saving you time and money in the long run. For dedicated truck repair shop excellence in the Chambersburg area, make your next appointment with Reiff Diesel Services and experience our commitment to keeping your diesel engine on the road.

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