Annapolis Relationship Therapy

Annapolis Relationship Therapy
Dr. Hunt is the Owner/Director of Annapolis Relationship Therapy where she specializes in the Practice of Individual and Couples Therapy. She is also affiliated with the Annapolis ADHD Center. Her clinical work includes Individual Psychotherapy for Adults, and Imago, EFT, and PACT Relationship Therapy for Individuals as well.
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115 Annapolis Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
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Dr. Teresa M. Hunt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with thirty-five years of clinical experience working with a wide range of clients in hospital, community mental health, clinic, and private practice settings. Her clinical training was in the Columbia, Harvard, and University of Michigan Hospital Systems. She has had extensive Post-Doctoral Training and Certifications in Psychoanalysis and Imago Relationship Therapy for Individuals and Couples.

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